Conquer Online

Conquer Online is a free 2.5D PVP & PVE MMORPG which features skill-based combat. In-game, you can choose from 5 unique classes and become a martial arts master. While exploring the ancient oriental fantasy world, you also can make friends with other players all over the world, organize a guild, and even get married. Complete quests, challenge fierce monsters, enhance gear and finally you'll become the conqueror of the world of fighters.

Character cultivation & Equipment crafting

Conquer Online has a special Rebirth system which can help players change to a different class after they are reborn. As a result, they can build up different combinations of skills. There are up to hundreds of different combinations of skills that you will never feel tired to explore. In addition, the equipment crafting system in Conquer Online also requires you to work out a smart strategy. Different equipment crafting functions like socket, compose, upgrade, and bless will give you a powerful helper on your way of becoming a conqueror. Moreover, Conquer Online has also designed verities of garments and weapon accessories for you to show off your personalities.

PVP & PVE environment

Conquer Online has an open PVP environment, meaning anyone can be killed at anytime by another player... (except in Twin City under Level 6, these players have newbie protection). It's controversial but also it's the core feature of the game. The PK looks simple but actually it requires a skillful operation. Players are addicted to it. The game offers players a broad range of interactive PVP/ PK platforms, including various solo and group PVP tournaments, like the Guild War, Team Deathmatch, FreeForAll and many more! Generous bonus is rewarded in these tournaments. Along with our unique PVP tournaments and the usual classic quests, we have added some new, unique PVE quests & events for you to discover in the server... where patience, teamwork and strategy is of the essence.