DarkVader • Twin City (440,352)

In the Dark Zone, your primary goal is to fight strong monsters and Bosses. To do this, you'll roam around the area until you spot them, take them on, they drop loot when you kill them. There are 4 rounds of several Bosses and strong monsters are there to protect them. It is wise to not enter here alone, teaming with people is crucial to complete all rounds.

Starts every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at server time 19:10.

AndrewCurse • Ape City (577,556)

After killing the Titan in Ape City, Titan's brothers are seeking revenge and will appear in the Cursed Cave. The rewards are very simple, you can find ProficiencyTokens, MiniExpPotions, ExpPizza (2 hour ExpPotion) and a DragonBall.

Starts every hour after killing the Titan.

SolarSaint • Ape City (532 480)

Our ancestor exerted their utmost efforts and defeated the demons. Sincethen the world has been kept in peace for hundreds of years. Now the demons have come back and the world is getting into turbulence again.

Complete the rounds of Dis City and win suprising rewards such as +2 Items, Garments and DragonBalls.