Our main goal

This unofficial private server is targetting a fully working balanced classic version of Conquer Online, with all the features seen around patch 5017, customized and designed specifically to replicate the old days of Conquer Online 1.0. In pursue of the best classic experience for players that like the old way of how Conquer Online used to be back in the days, good old times... enjoy your gameplay!

Our vision

The source we are using has been developed to the very high standards of consistency, specification and alot of testing till perfection. These are the foundations that will make the server a succes, and will continue to be so.

Share your thoughts

Straight to the point when it comes to recommendations and suggestions made by players. We take new ideas into consideration and will form an opinion together with other players, then we will decide wether it is a good or bad idea.

  • Classic client and gameplay
  • In pursuit of the best classic experience for players who love the old ways of Conquer Online, we're bringing back the classic jumping mechanics just like in the old days.

  • Main classes with second reborn
  • Dedicated to preserving the original experience, we're keeping only the main classes and excluding the newer ones. Build your classic character, complete quests, challenge fierce monsters, enhance your gear, and ultimately become the conqueror of the world of fighters. To improve gameplay, we’ve also added the second rebirth feature.

  • Low to medium rates for balanced progression
  • Discover a balanced approach to progression through a mix of earning rewards from hunting and participating in tournaments, events, and quests. Our aim is to maintain a challenge that's neither too easy nor too hard, ensuring an enjoyable journey for all adventurers.

  • Max Level 130 with Max equipment at +9 and -5
  • Achieving a maxed-out character won't be a walk in the park, but it's definitely within reach. Strive to push yourself to the limit while maintaining the classic feel with equipment at Max +9 and -5.

  • Spamm Upgrades and ToughDrills for sockets
  • Experience the classic thrill of spamming for upgrades in Twin City, where every attempt at socketing carries the risk of being ambushed. Stay vigilant! However, there are multiple avenues to obtain sockets, offering flexibility in your approach. Additionally, you can acquire Toughdrills to increase your chances of securing that coveted second socket. Happy hunting and socketing!

  • Red and black named players drop gear
  • In our classic server, PK-ing comes with real risks! Losing your gear is a genuine possibility. Stay sharp and choose your battles wisely to safeguard your hard-earned equipment.

  • Custom lottery for exciting rewards
  • A known hotspot for thrill-seekers, LadyLuck offers a thrilling Lottery for Online points. Just by being online, you can take a chance at LadyLuck and open LuckyBoxes for 27 Online points per attempt. The rewards are enticing, making it a favorite pastime for those who enjoy a gamble.

  • Mix of classic and new, unique quests
  • In addition to the beloved classic quests, we've introduced several new and unique quests and events. Join the game and discover them yourself!

  • Custom VIP system for special benefits
  • Gain access to powerful bonuses and benefits, level up faster, and unlock VIP Auras. Opting for VIP status is a must-have to make gameplay much more enticing and rewarding.

  • Custom PVE and PVP systems for varied gameplay
  • Experience the exhilaration of victory in our frequent PvP tournaments and thrilling PvE events, happening hourly! Join us and conquer your adversaries to claim enticing prizes and enjoy an engaging gameplay experience.

  • Classic Guild Wars alongside new battles
  • Join the daily Guild War tradition! Engage in battles where victory is fiercely contested, and despite the challenges, revival awaits those who persevere. Don't just ally up for victory! Follow your own path and create your own side for a unique and thrilling experience!