Alex • Twin City (434,341)

The place to be where you sign up to battle the enemy till you claim victory. Game's legacy has influenced the creation of a remastered version, played in the style of Conquer Online.

Team deathmatch

Your team must have 4 to 6 players in order to sign up for the tournament. Each team will be randomly placed against another team, last team standing wins.

Schedule: Starts from Monday till Friday at 18:10
Reward is 1 BrilliantStone for each winning team member

Free For All

Also known as "FFA" or "Deathmatch" featured in Conquer Online. Every player against eachother, you are free against all.

Schedule: Starts every day at 13:20, 17:20 and 21:20
Reward is 2 BrilliantStones for the last man standing


You are fighting against all opponents, last man standing wins. Escape from the bomb, try not to get hit. The bomb holder must hit a player to pass it on or he will lose.

Schedule: Starts Monday till Saturday 14:20, 18:20 and 22:20
  • Daily reward: BrilliantStone
  • Weekly reward: BrilliantStone and EggPack
  • DragonWar

    You are fighting against all opponents, the ones with the most points taken from kills and hits will win the tournament. Kill the player that contains the Dragon effect.