Welcome to Battle Royale - Basic Server Features

We proudly present, the long awaited new massive free-to-play combat arena from the past. The past has been buried for too long. But revenge is a patient monster. Compete, arm yourself, and conquer your way to the top!

Battle Royale is a Conquer Online private server emulating a classic version of the game before features such as CPs, Fans, Towers, newer classes, etc were added to the game. The source we are using has been developed to the very high standards of consistency, specification and alot of testing till perfection.

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The trojan is an all-out offensive melee & long range combat class. Wielding their dual weapons, they charge fearlessly into combat.



The warriors are adept in the use of weapons and always wearing heaviest armors. They are the only class who can equip defensive shields.



The archers struggle with bows which makes them proficient in attacking enemies from a distance but also shooting multiple targets.


Water / Fire Taoist

The taoists are able to learn a wide selection of devastating skills and magic, and proved to be the most dangerous magic-users.